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  • Pedagogical Documentation To Enhance Formative Assessment This 25 hour module helps educators within an elementary and secondary setting develop a deeper understanding of pedagogical documentation and engaging in it as a formative assessment of learning. Pedagogical Documentation is the process of observing, documenting and individually and/or collaboratively interpreting a series of student learning experiences. This cyclical process of documentation, critical reflection and engagement with learners allows for student learning, experience and voice to become an integral component of the classroom. Pedagogical documentation as a form of assessment allows educators to delve deeper into the process of learning, challenge their perceptions and become responsive to the learners within their classroom.

    Course Fee: $225 + $29.25 = 254.25

    Cancellation Policy: Withdrawals are effective on the date signed withdrawal notice is received and course fees refunded subject to $50 non-refundable amount. No withdrawals or refunds after start date. Find out more about Pedagogical Documentation To Enhance Formative Assessment...