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  • New Grad - Special Education, Part 1

    This course is a requirement for teaching Special Education in Ontario. As an introductory course, this course focuses on the integration of cutting edge theory and practice underpinning special education. Current Ministry directions will be explored. Issues related to Cross-Disciplinary Team Approaches, Team Referrals, the IPRC process, IEPs and the role of SEAC will form part of the course. Focus will be placed on the exploration, through holistic approaches, of the commonalties that unite students, program planning and delivery, the accessible environment, resource availability and other issues related to teaching and learning in all classrooms. You will develop a basic understanding of categories and definitions of various exceptionalities as defined in Ministry documents. You will begin to develop an understanding of accommodations, modifications and alternative expectations, strategies and assessment practices based on the developmental and/or special needs of individual students and will practice a variety of age and exceptionality-specific teaching strategies as well as research and experience-validated practices.


    • An undergraduate degree acceptable to the Ontario College of Teachers
    • Be a member in good standing with the OCT by the end date of the course

    Documents Required

    • NONE
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