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Advanced Broadband Enabled Learning Program
ABEL connects researchers, educators, public and private sector organizations and other affiliated partners through the program’s core activities.


Inclusive Design Institute
The Inclusive Design Institute (IDI) is a generative hub of applied reasearch that addresses the challenge of designing our information and communication systems (ICT) so that they work for all potential users, including users with disabilities, varying language needs and diverse cultural preferences. The IDI is Canada’s first research hub focused on digital inclusion.


Institute for Research on Learning Technologies
The Institute for Research on Learning Technologies (IRLT) has a board mandate to engage in systematic inquiry, discussion, and information sharing related to the uses of technology in teaching and learning.


Learning Connections Teacher Professional Development Project
Learning Connections (LC) is an online professional learning community available to educators in publicly funded K-8 schools across Ontario.


Open Virtual Usability Lab
Open VU Lab offers you an accessible open-source solution to remote usability testing. Now you can see how visitors interact with your website, you can see where they encouter problems and why they leave.