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  • Adolescent Literacy Quest: Voice & Identity Module

    Speaking a Personal Truth

    The Voice & Identity module in the Facilitating the Adolescent Literacy Quest series invites participants to find their own voice in articulating their personal philosophies of learning while exploring the creation of an ethical classroom space that welcomes adolescent voices and respects the multiple ways of knowing that are demonstrated in a diverse grade 7-10 classroom environment. In this module participants will investigate the power of voice and identity to enhance the learning of students in the Intermediate classroom; articulate their own personal philosophies of learning; consider the impact of the classroom environment on student voice and identity and explore how alternate ways of knowing impact adolescent learning.

    Facilitating successful literacy engagements for adolescent learners who represent infinite interests, learning levels and motivations may seem like a quest for teachers who seek focus amidst a labyrinth of ideas, opinions, strategies and resources. This series of five 25 hour modules is designed to provide participants with insights into the specific topics of inquiry for each module and practical strategies to support student success in grade 7-10 classrooms. Each module applies a collaborative inquiry approach that will increase 21st Century pedagogical content knowledge, improve professional practice by bridging theory and practice, and offer opportunities to personalize professional learning. All modules expand upon and dig deep into the information provided in the Ontario Ministry of Education’s (2012) Adolescent Literacy Guide: A Professional Learning Resource to Literacy, Grades 7-12, in addition to exploring strategies that support reluctant readers and struggling writers in closing the literacy gap. A certificate of completion will be provided upon completion of each of the modules.

    Tuition Fee per Module

    $225 + $29.25 = $ 254.25

    Cancellation Policy

    Withdrawals are effective on the date withdrawal notice is received and course fees refunded subject to $50 non-refundable amount. No withdrawals or refunds on or after the course start date.

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