Children as Peacemakers – Conflict resolution in school

Peacemaking: Conflict resolution in schools provokes group dialogue and social problem solving through activities that include skits, circle discussions, and peer mediation under the close supervision of knowledgeable teachers. Peacemaking begins with conversation…children plan together…they develop a ritual and rules for the process…they work collaboratively to resolve conflicts. Learn More

Project History: In 1988 Downtown Alternative School (DAS) teachers including Joan Baer, Ann Lacey and Esther Fine began to explore collaborative approaches to conflict resolution and peacemaking with students from Kindergarten through Grade 3. Inspiration came from parents, children and a range of alternative forms of conflict resolution in schools and peer mediation that was being explored in San Francisco and elsewhere. Learn More

View Videos: Films produced by Roberta King integrate current interviews and footage from the 1990’s feature documentary Life at School – The DAS Tapes. These films offer a deep look into Peacemaking through past and present-day lives of school children across a twenty-year period.
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“Peaceosaurus” Animated Film: Director and producer Barb Taylor, of Coyle Productions, brings new life to a story written in 1988 by the first four DAS Peacemakers. This adorable story animates the steps of conflict resolution and peer mediation that are central to Peacemaking. Learn More

Bios: Dr. Esther Sokolov Fine (Faculty of Education, York University) and Roberta King (King Squire Flims Ltd.) have worked alongside children, parents and educators on the Peacemaking project for more fifteen years. Learn More