Video Gallery

das-friends-2015Nataleah, Elli, Sonia, Molly, and Savannah remember pertinent moments in their shared schooling.
soniaSonia reflects on her experiences at DAS and beyond. nataleahNataleah is surprised by what she sees in the videos; she looks back through new lenses. jessicaJessica reflects on DAS experiences through the eyes of a young teacher.
Tarah, Alice, Hanna, Molly, & Qwyn. High School girls reflecting on their early education and Peacemaking. Molly mediates conflicts in High School, making deep connections with early learning at DAS. Ann Lacey – Kindergarten teacher (now retired) talks about Peacemaking.
Megan – vivid memories and frank discussion of her
years in school.
Savanah and Christine – High School girls discuss Peacemaking, conflict resolution and friendship. Lori McCubbin – Former DAS Grade 1-2 teacher, learning and teaching Peacemaking.
Elli (Gr. 13) and Sharon an update. Elli (Gr. 1) and Sharon explain Peacemaking at home and school. Dale at DAS, Dale in High School – the unfolding story of a Peacemaker.
Josh, Naomi and Dinny reflecting together in their
kitchen 12 years after DAS.
Corey’s ready to leave for University – thoughts about
her years during and after DAS.
Frederick nearing the end of High School reflects on DAS and imagines his future in service of Canada.
Merrick – memories of peer mediation and conflict resolution in school.