Selected Publications


(in progress) Cracking Codes: A Pedagogical Memoir.

Fine, E., Lacey, A., & Baer, J. (1995).  Children as Peacemakers. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann

Feature Documentary Productions:

with Roberta King and Ron Squire, (2001), Life At School:  The Das Tapes, (King Squire Films Ltd. (Launch at the Art Gallery of Ontario, co-hosted by the York University Faculty of Education and the LaMarsh Centre, Dec. 2001)

Guest Co-editorship of a Journal (peer reviewed proposal):

Fine, E. & Norquay, N. (1994) Guest Co-editors. Conflict resolutionPrimary Voices K6, 2 (4). Re-published in Primary Voices K6: The second year collection, NCTE (1995)

Children’s Books:

Fine, E. (1974). The Mushrooming House. Toronto: Kids Can Press

Fine, E.  (1973).  I’m a Child of the City. Kids Can Press, Toronto

Fine, E.  (1973).  The Double Mirror. Toronto: Kids Can Press

Children’s Books (Supervisory Editor):

Paxton-Beesley, R. (1991).  The Food Fight, ta daa. Toronto: Downtown Alternative School,

Burrell, C., Herve-Azevedo, N., Filmus D., & Nyman, D., (1988).  The Peaceosaurus. Toronto: Downtown Alternative School.

Children’s Poetry (Compiler):

Wall, N. (1980).  We Make Canada Shine. Toronto: Lorimer

Articles and Chapters in Edited Books:

Fine, E. (1991). Interrogating silences, in S. Stires (ed.)  With promise, re-defining reading and writing for special students. NH: Heinemann, pages 19-26.

Selected Publications:

Jiménez, K. & Fine, E. (2009) Safe Walk Home:  Cultural Literacy in the Regent Park Community, Vitae Scholasticae, 26 (1): 80-97.

Fine, E. (2003) Storytime, Talking Points, Whole Language Umbrella, National Council of Teachers of English, 15 (1): 25-26

Fine, E. (2003) Out There With the Kids:  Why Bother? Language Arts, National Council of teachers of English, 81 (1):34-42.

Fine, E. (2002) Playtime, Talking Points, Whole Language Umbrella, National Council of Teachers of English, 14 (1): 2-6.

Fine, E. (1997) Learning the language of Peacemaking: researching the early moments Canadian Children, Canadian Association for Young Children, 22 (2):18-22.

Dudley-Marling, C. & Fine, E. (1997) The politics of whole languageReading and Writing Quarterly, 13 (3):247-260.

Fine, E. (1997). Shaping and re-shaping practice: teacher education and the preparation of Peacemaking teachersTheory into Practice, 36 (1): 53-58.

Fine, E. (1995).  Peace talkEnglish Quarterly, 27 (4): 4-9.

Fine, E. (1994).  Peacemaking as a tool for changePrimary Voices K6, National Council of Teachers of English.  2 (4): 2-3. Re-printed in: Jewish Women’s Forum,  (Jan. – Feb., 1995, page 10) and in Primary Voices K6: The second year collection, National Council of Teachers of English (1995).

Fine, E. (1989).  Collaborative writing:  key to unlocking the silences of children. Language Arts. 66 (5): 501‑509.

Fine, E. (1987). Marbles Lost, Marbles Found: collaborative production of text. Language Arts. 64 (5): 474‑489.